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Trip Itinerary

Day 1: We check you in to your hotel. By vehicles, we climb up to 2200 meters to Eli Village. Here, we take our luggage out of the vehicles. We only take lightweight necessary items with us. We load other items on horsebacks and climb up to 3200 meters where we make our first camp. Here, we eat and have some free time.


Day 2: After breakfast we climb up to the second camp at 4200 meters. After setting up and settling down and having a good rest, we wait for appropriate time to hit the summit.


Day 3: When we’re ready to go, we leave the camp at 4200 to climb up to 5165, the peak. After resting and enjoying the summit, we go down to 4200 and eat there. Finally, we go down to 3200 and drink tea.


Day 4: Our descent ends at 2200 meters. We carry our luggage to the vehicles and go to our hotel by vehicles. At the hotel, after free time, we throw a party to celebrate our accomplished mission. Other programmes can be organized upon request.

5, 6 and 7 days: and above is rather slow and there is enough time for picnic and other fun stuff.


Note: The four-day tour is the most ideal one. The three-day tour is for those who do not have much time.


İn This Program: Full of suprise and adventure program for you if you want to Climbing, Swimming, hiking, eating and drikking, fun, picnic (this things will be in the extra three days. Or for summit again.)


Modifications can be made in all tour programmes upon request.

Tour Dates: Climb to ararat tour can be any dates between June to 30th September periods year arround.




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