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Diyadin, in the eastern part of Turkey, is located 7 km SE of Agrl The distribution of hot water springs in

Diyadin Region roughly parallels the distribution of the fault systems and young volcanism. In the east of the region there is Dogu Beyazıt, in the west Tasllçay, in the South Ercis (Van) and in the southwest Çaldıran, Muradiye. Paleozoic and Senozoic rocks are exposed around the Diyadin area. Paleozoic metamorphic rocks (e.g. micaschist, quartzite and marbles) comprise the basement in the area.


The metamorphics are unconformably overlain by a Neogene tuffite, conglomerate, clayey limestone, marl and thick volcanic lava and tuff sequence. The upper most part is represented by Quaternary alluvium and travertines that are indicative of old hot water manifestations. Diyadin geothermal field is located on an active Neotectonic zone.

Strike slip faults and tensional cracks developed due to the N-S compression in the region. Therfore, thermal water and gases come out from the most of the cracks to the surface. In the study area there are lots of thermal and mineralized water springs close to each other. Their temperatures is 24-64°C and their flowrate is 0.5-10 l/s. The discharge locality of thermal water springs can frequently be change due to CaCO3 depsition on the outlets of the springs. Yılanlı kireçli, Köprü, Davutlu, Kusburnu, Tazekent, Dibekli and Mola Kir thermal springs are observed at the Diyadin geothermal field. Drilling studies in the Diyadin area were started in 1998 by General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration of Turkey MTA. As a result of drilling of 6 wells with a depth of 72-215 m, thermal water with a discharge of 560 l/s and with a temperature of 62-78ºC was produced. In addition of these 15 km away from Diyadin Kusburnu there are thermal water springs with a temperature between 40 and 60°C and two drilling wells in which temperatures vary between 37 and 73°C in Mola Kir village